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Exterior Design

Interior Design


Additional Information

The installation will be situated in an outdoor space with our own exterior design. The exterior design is based on a pre-fabricated wooden shed structure that can be assembled within a day. This has been modified for quick construction using nuts and bolts and it is attached to wooden sub-base with adjustable legs for levelling. The ground will need to be levelled before construction and we can do this ourselves with our own tools.

The façade of the shed will have a pixel lighting strip around the edges of the front and sides which is controlled using the computer inside. There will be cut strips of black polyester material covering the front and sides.

Inside, the shed will have a boarded floor covered with outdoor carpet. The shed will be divided into two sections. One side containing the VR installation and the other the control unit, concealed by a curtain. The shed will be dimly lit with LED lighting and natural light will come in from the door. There will be an emergency flood light in the corner in the event of an emergency. Power will enter the shed through the back and be distributed internally via rcd protection.

Tools and Materials

I will be providing all the materials needed for the installation.

  • Complete Shed Structure - (Exterior Design)
  • 1 HTC Vive VR & 2 accompanying sensors
  • 1 PC
  • Pixel LED strip lighting for exterior
  • Pixel LED strip driver
  • LED lighting for interior
  • Emergency flood light
  • 16-amp – 13-amp adapter
  • Tools for construction – Electric drills, screw drivers, hammer, screws, nuts, bolts, nails. Etc.
  • Fire extinguisher

Requirements for the Installation

  • The building will require to be transported from our van to its location on site.
  • A flat level surface of a minimum of 3.5m x 3m. We can flatten a surface using a garden spade.
  • Running power to the installation space, into the back of the shed.
  • A parking space for a large sized van (size of van)
  • Festival accommodation for 3 crew members. (2 medium sized tents).
  • Overnight security storage – or access to the van to store equipment overnight. Equipment to be stored will contain the computer, computer equipment and VR equipment.